Experience tourism provides an interaction between the tourist and the place visited. In this case, the “Eco Rafting” modality bets on an activity that combines adventure sport with the sowing of native vegetation, raising the awakening to environmental preservation.

The activity is part of the project Turismo de Experiência: Santa Catarina em Todos os Sentidos (Tourism of Experience: Santa Catarina in All Senses), and its mission is to emphasize the importance of environmental preservation by providing practical experience.

The practice of the experiment begins with the making of “ammunition” composed of clay and seeds of native trees, which will be thrown with slings, from the rafts towards the river banks for sowing and repairing the riparian forest.

A workshop is offered, where the tourist receives a lesson on the local ecosystem, aiming to identify the native species during the course.

Starting Point: Apuama Base

Who can do it: Children and adults with active and healthy profile.

Departure Times: 9:30 and 13:30

More informations: Click here or text (48) 99103 6730 through WhatsApp

P.S.: Groups of 6 to 30 people per departure.
No training or prior knowledge is required to perform the activity.